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Ecommerce fulfillment begins with a reliable
pick-and-pack service and then goes the distance.

We are a strategic partner focused on your business growth and building your brand. The Service Center provides fulfillment mastery from the complex to the simple, scalable storage options, online inventory control and reporting, API integration, a proven transportation network and unparalleled customer service.

Fulfillment Mastery

We are known as “small package experts,” featuring design and build for every size of package, including complex multi-SKU kits. Packing inserts with branded materials are included, at your request.

Our conscientious team assembles thousands of kits every day. We can handle menu-driven point of sale; serialized assembly and lot control; multi-component and multi-version; retailer-specific; membership fulfillment; subscription boxes; and many other variations.

Reliable pick-and-pack services are only the beginning. Successful ecommerce today means managing your inventory in real-time with access to your data 24/7.







Online Inventory Control

Online Inventory Control

The Service Center provides order-to-delivery tracking with access to all your data 24/7 via our proprietary web-based inventory management system. Receive email or text advance shipment notice (ASN) confirmation, including tracking numbers and direct links to carriers.

Scalable Storage

With more than 115,000 square feet of safe, clean warehouse space, strategically located in Houston, we have room for you now -- and as you grow. More than 6,000 pallets of materials and products are bar coded for quick picking and inventory control. Secured storage areas are camera monitored 24/7.

Importantly, you pay only for the space you use.

Shipping and Carrier Network

Due to our significant shipping volume, we can share our freight discounts with you. We ship via all major carriers including US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Smart Post, etc. as well as the major truck lines. The Service Center has been a USPS-certified mail site since 1983. Our team includes postal experts onsite to ensure effective individual address verification, as well as list processing, CASS certification, and sorting for maximum postal discounts.

Our central shipping point is strategically located near the Port of Houston, which means efficient access to destinations in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, as well as shipments around the world.

While we are experts in small parcel shipping, we manage the complete supply chain, regularly shipping by pallet, less than truckload (LTL) and full truck loads.

When you need it, expedited same-day shipping can be done.

Talk to us about your shipping and freight strategy. Our logistics experts can help design your program to manage your spend and optimize outcomes.

Membership and Subscriptions

Many growing ecommerce brands seek to take advantage of membership and subscription fulfillment. We appreciate the special need for careful packaging with proper arrangement, backed by warehouse receiving, inspecting, and inventory management.

API Integration

Powerful software is at the core of accurate ecommerce. From order capture to confirmation of shipment to delivery tracking, each step of the fulfillment process is tracked and visible.

Our proprietary data systems give you complete transparency into the fulfillment process and your inventory levels. Our dashboard includes more than 100 standard reports that allow you to view inventory velocity and shipping patterns.

Our developers can plug in a prebuilt or custom-written API to your existing shopping cart for seamless integration with your website. All integrations are PCI-compliant and email shipping confirmations with a carrier tracking link are standard.

Talk to us about your specific needs. We can select an existing tool for integration or develop the right custom integration solution for you. Our in-house development team is ready when you are.