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Powerful software is at the core of accurate ecommerce.

From order capture to confirmation of shipment to delivery tracking,
each step of the fulfillment process is tracked and visible.

Order and Inventory Transparency

Order and Inventory Transparency

Our proprietary data systems have been developed over more than 30 years, beginning in the earliest days of the personal computer. Online tracking provides complete transparency into the sales and fulfillment process and your inventory levels in real time.

Order Tracking and Confirmation

Tracking and Confirmations

The Service Center provides order-to-delivery tracking with access to all your data 24/7 via our proprietary web-based inventory management system. Receive email or text advance shipment notice (ASN) confirmation, including tracking numbers and direct links to carriers.

Extensive Reporting

Our dashboard includes more than 100 standard reports that allow you to view inventory velocity and shipping patterns.

API Flexibility

Our developers can plug in a prebuilt or custom-written API to your existing shopping cart for seamless integration with your website. Email shipping confirmations with a carrier tracking link are standard.

Talk to us about your specific needs. We can select an existing tool for integration or develop the right custom integration solution for you. Our in-house development team is ready when you are.

API Flexibility